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Welcome to Bullworth Academy. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. You're going to need all the help you can get.



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Johnny Vincent Application Accepted!

Your Name/Alias: Eli/Cro. Either or.

Character Name: Johnny Vincent

Character URL:

Age: 17.

Clique: Greasers, Clique Leader.

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Is there a way you can change the font color of your pages? Just darker, it's very difficult to see light gray on white. I must squint or highlight to read the rules and such. Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem, but it would be much appreciated if there was a slight change. Of course, it's your page and you do whatever to it, but please take this message into consideration.

Yeah totally understandable!! I can get on that.

25Jan ♥ 1 note

Justin Vandervelde Application Accepted.

Your Name/Alias: Adriana 

Character Name: Justin M. Vandervelde

Character URL:

Age: 16

Clique (if applicable): Prep

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Camilla Watts Application Accepted.

Your Name/Alias: //Call me Dinah. :)

Character Name: Camilla Watts (FC: Q’orianka Kilcher)

Character URL:

Age: 15

Clique (if applicable): Greaser

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Peter Kowalski Application Accepted!!

Your Name/Alias: Lindsay

Character Name: Peter Kowalski

Character URL: lilbunny-petey

Age: 15 (16 if this takes place after the game’s storyline)

Clique (if applicable): N/A

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Hello! Could I please hold a reservation on Kirby?

You sure can! I’ll hold onto him for you.

Peanut Romano Application Accepted!

Your Name/Alias: Dev

Character Name: Larry (Peanut) Romano

Character URL:

Age: 16

Clique (if applicable): Greasers

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